Eat Food

How can what we eat (or don't!) impacts climate change?

Use Less Plastic

Single-use plastics have an average useful life of 12- 15 minutes and can take up to 500 years to disintegrate. Read 15 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Reduce Carbon Footprints

20 suggestions based on research by the Union of Concerned Scientists.


Debunk misinformation.
Read vetted articles.

Become More Informed.

One easy way to follow environmental legislation is the Maryland League of Conservation Voters' "Weekly Hot List."

See the sidebar: "Actions You Can Do"

Attend an event - see the calendar on the Events Page

Save $$$$ -- Use Renewable Energy for Your Electric Power

Why not obtain your electric energy from a 100% renewable source? - either from a provider who uses renewable sources or from a community solar group "coop"? In the later case, we ask you to check with Neighborhood Sun
For the former, check out

Click on the image to learn more about Community Solar (Neighborhood Sun). Community Solar To complete a form to start an inquiry, click the barcode or use with your phone: Neighborhood Sun

Contact your legislators.

Legislators consistently indicate they want to hear from their consituents. Because of their time constraints, they will tend to ignore correspondence or calls from people not in their district. Use the tools on the right sidebar to learn your representatives' contact information.

Email them, in your words. Custom emails have a higher value than canned emails.
Call them. You won't need a lengthy conversation; typically a staff member will take your contact info and a summary of your call.
Meet them. With a small group of fellow constituents, arrange to meet the Maryland's reps in person -if you can, before the legislative session opens or early during the session.

The League of Conservation Voters has a Conservation Voter Report which gives you your legislators' green report. Complete the form at LCV Green Report

Find Your Representatives

Click on the image to find your federal and state representatives and their mailing addresses: Maryland Representatives lookup tool

Click on the image to find your Baltimore City Councilperson:Baltimore City Council lookup tool

Click on the image to find your Federal Senators and Representative:Baltimore County Council lookup tool

Actions You Can Do Now

Read an Excellent Primer on Global Warming
A Global Warming Primer

Have you ever been frustrated when trying to explain global warming? Then read this book. Laid out in a question & answer format, it uses excellent charts and concise language to rebut the typical questions raised by climate change deniers.

Understand the History of What People are Doing
The Discovery of Global Warming

This Website created by Spencer Weart supplements his much shorter book, which tells the history of climate change research as a single story. On this Website you will find a more complete history in dozens of essays on separate topics, updated annually.